Houston Graduate School of Theology

Masters Admission Requirements



Admissions Requirements - Master's

A prospective student who holds a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or its educational equivalent, can be admitted into the master’s-level degree program at HGST, provided the GPA for that degree is at least 2.5 for MDiv, MAC, and MACM, or at least 3.0 for MTS. A prospective student who does not meet these requirements is invited to contact the Admissions Office for a review of his or her specific situation. Following are the specific steps to admission at HGST:

Transfer Students from another seminary must follow the same application procedures as outlined above. Following admission, transfer students must petition the Academic Office regarding transfer credits. No more than two-thirds of master's degrees may be granted on the basis of transfer credits. All transfer credits are subject to evaluation by the Academic Office as to applicability toward degree credit. Transfer credit must be from Master of Arts, Master of Divinity, or equivalent-level master’s degree programs from schools accredited by a CHEA-approved accrediting agency. Transfer credits must carry a grade of B or higher. No coursework will be accepted toward MDiv, MAC, or MACM degrees that are older than ten years (ATS Basic Programs Oriented toward Ministerial Leadership Standard A.3.2.2.).

Non-Degree Students – Applicants may be admitted as non-degree students at HGST. Academic qualifications and application procedures necessary for regular student admission are the same for non-degree students, except that the entering GPA requirement is 2.5 (minimum) for all non-degree students. Admissions requirements mirror those outlined above except for the following: (1) two reference forms from church/ministry leaders to attest to observable call and/or giftedness; (2) admission questions for non-degree students.

Students enrolling in certificate programs or seeking MDiv equivalency for admission into the DMin program are classified as non-degree students. A maximum of 30 credit hours may be taken by non-degree students unless MDiv equivalency requires more than 30 hours for completion. Non-degree students are not to be confused with audit students. Coursework requirements for non-degree students are the same as requirements for degree students. Non-degree and degree students are expected to do the coursework, which is graded, and, upon satisfactory completion of the work, they receive credit for the course. Credit is normally transferable to a degree program at HGST or to another graduate-level institution.

Exceptions to Regular Admission Process for Non-Degree Students - Prospective students in the following categories must contact the Admissions Office for admissions requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in a degree program at a CHEA-approved seminary

  • Need to meet denominational requirements

  • Need to meet State licensure requirements

  • HGST graduates who wish to return to HGST to take additional master's courses


English Proficiency Exam

  • 50 multiple-choice questions

  • No fee

  • Required of all master's candidates

  • Taken on campus


  • Required of MAC applicants

  • Scores accepted from up to five years prior to application

  • Institution code is 6957

  • Minimum score is 281 combined


  • Required of applicants whose primary language is not English

  • Institution code is 0017

  • Minimum score is 550 (written), 213 (computer-based), 79 (online)