Houston Graduate School of Theology

Alumni Services and Resources


Alumni Services and Resources

Thanks for staying in touch with the HGST community! Please let us know how we can serve you by providing resources, connecting you with colleagues, and alerting you to job placement opportunities. Use the Information Update link to tell us what you’re doing these days and how we can pray for you.

Transcript & Certification Requests

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Certification of Graduation
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Find a Friend

If you want to reconnect with one of our HGST alumni, send us their information along with yours, and we will forward your information and let them decide whether to contact you back. Please give us a general idea of why you would like to contact them (no specifics are necessary), and we will do our best to help restore lost connections. 

You can also connect with alumni on our HGST Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Please note that will we never give out alumni contact information without permission.

Update Your Contact Information

If you have new contact information,please let us know!