Houston Graduate School of Theology

Student Services


Student Services

Student ID
Each student at HGST is provided a Student ID card with a Student ID number (SID). For the ID card, new students will have their photo taken during New Student Orientation. Students will be notified when the completed ID is ready for pick up at the Library Circulation desk.

Access card
A security access card is provided to all students for entrance into the building during normal hours of operation. This includes access to the north wing, which contains the Students Commons, Registrar, Admissions, and Financial Aid/Student Services offices. The replacement cost for a lost access card is $5.00, to be paid either at the front desk or through the HGST website (see Payment Options). Proof of payment must be furnished to the Student Services Office.

For malfunctioning or broken access cards, students should bring the faulty card to the Student Services Office for replacement at no charge.

For questions regarding Student Services, contact Linda Long at llong@hgst.edu.

Click here for the Student Handbook.